Shazam! Soundtrack List

Shazam! Soundtrack List

The fantasy, science fiction movie, which is titled Shazam!, attracted its audience with its soundtracks as well as the story of the movie. You can reach all the songs from great singers such as Benjamin Wallfisch, John Williams from Shazam Movie Soundtracks below. 

Shazam Soundtrack

SHAZAM! Theme – Benjamin Wallfisch

SHAZAM! – Fight Flight – Benjamin Wallfisch

SHAZAM! – Subway Chase – Benjamin Wallfisch

Superman Theme – John Williams

Shazam Full Soundtrack

2. The Consul of Wizards
3. Seeking Spell
4. Compass
5. Seven Symbols
6. The Rock of Eternity
7. Subway Chase
8. It’s You or No One
9. Dude, You’re Stacked
10. This is Power
11. Bus Rescue
12. You’re Like a Bad Guy, Right?
13. Them’s Street Rules
14. Superman It
15. Super Villain
16. You Might Need it More Than Me
17. Come Home Billy
18. Give Me Your Power
19. His Name Is
20. Sentimental Nonsense
21. Run!
22. Play Time’s Over
23. All Hands on Deck
24. I Can Fly!
25. Fight Flight
26. Finale
27. We’ve Got a Lair
28. I’m Home
29. I Name the Gods

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