Xenon Racer Soundtrack List

Xenon Racer Soundtrack List

The racing video game which is titled Xenon Race has been released on 26 March 2019. The game developed by Seodesco is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. You can find all songs and soundtracks of Xenon Racer below.

Xenon Racer Soundtracks

Nanobii – Bubble Beam

FWLR – How We Win

Rameses B – Nova

Rameses B – Virtuality

Flite – We Are One

Droptek – Mimic

Xenon Racer Soundtrack Playlist

Xenon Racer Soundtrack List of All Songs

  1. Nanobii – Bubble Beam
  2. FWLR – How We Win
  3. Rameses B – Nova
  4. Rameses B – Virtuality
  5. Flite – We Are One
  6. Droptek – Mimic
  7. MELANO – Don’t Fight It
  8. NOISESTORM – Leaving Now
  10. TOKYO MACHINE – Bubbles
  11. GRANT – Starship
  12. TOKYO MACHINE -Blast
  13. PEGBOARD NERDS, LUG00BER – Bring Me Joy
  14. MELANO – Traveller
  15. ROOTKIT – Elevate
  16. VARIEN – Transmissions from Lemuria
  17. CLOUDNONE – Spring Snow
  18. AIOBAHN, VIN – If We Never

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