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Pet Sematary 2019 Soundtrack List

Pet Sematary 2019 Soundtrack List

The horror, thriller movie about the one couple’s mysterious discovers which is titled Pet Sematary, has been released on 5 April 2019 in the USA. The movie attracted its audience with its starring of Jason Clark and its soundtracks. You can reach all the songs of Pet Sematary movie below.

Pet Sematary 2019 Soundtracks

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Pet Sematary 2019 Soundtrack List of All Songs

  1. The Wendigo 4:50
  2. The Maine Road 2:55
  3. But the Cat Has No Hat 4:12
  4. Underground Terrors 6:41
  5. Fielding Fine 2:45
  6. Scream for More 4:07
  7. Dead Alive Again 3:53
  8. Church Isn’t Church 4:12
  9. Un-Hallowed Even 3:09
  10. Fouled Soil 4:43
  11. Echo Angels 4:08
  12. Just Not the Same 4:32
  13. Watching the Dead Do3:34
  14. Die Daddy Die4:30
  15. Wasn’t the Beginning? 4:32
  16. Pet Sematary (Starcrawler) 3:24

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